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Acquire The Expertise to Optimse, Automate & Elevate Your Business Growth...

without the hassle of managing full time employees or learning to use dozens of AI automation tools yourself

Get on-demand access to a dedicated team of developers, designers, and marketing experts for the price of one employee with our simple, all inclusive monthly subscription

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Overwhelmed with the constant launches of new AI Tools?

Feeling frustrated or confused about how to leverage AI in your workflows can be a serious pain. You want to stay ahead of your competitors, but the flood of automation tools is making it harder.

Lucky you, we're here to take that worry off your shoulder

Monthly Flat-Rate

No Binding Contract

Tailored Strategies

On-Demand Service

Regular Maintenance

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Redefining Product Development

Avoid getting trapped in conventional consulting business models and costly agencies with a simple monthly payment.

  • Streamlined Collaboration

    Collaborate with our dedicated team, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple contractors or freelancers. Focus on your vision while we handle the development and marketing processes

  • Transparent Pricing

    Know exactly what you're paying for with our straightforward monthly subscription model. No hidden fees or surprise costs—just a clear path forward to bringing your idea to life.

  • Rapid Prototype Development

    Kickstart your project with a functional prototype in just two weeks, enabling quick validation and refinement of your idea.

  • Agile Project Management

    Benefit from agile methodologies that ensure flexibility and responsiveness throughout the development lifecycle, adapting to changes and feedback swiftly.

  • Comprehensive Digital Solutions

    From initial concept to market launch, access a full suite of services including web and mobile app development, digital marketing, and optimization strategies.

  • Equity Partnership Opportunity

    Share in our commitment to your success with an equity partnership option, aligning our interests for long-term growth and mutual benefit.

Curious About How We May Help?

Schedule a 30-min discovery call with us to learn how KwikDevs can help you scale your development and marketing

A Pleasant Partnership Experience...

  • The team delivered our carpooling app prototype in just two weeks. Their expertise and quick turnaround were impressive.

    Alex JohnsonFounder of RideShareX
  • Our music platform became a reality thanks to their top-notch development and marketing services.

    Emily CarterFounder of MusicFlow
  • Efficiently launching our Web3.0 blockchain project was possible due to their commendable agile project management.

    David LeeFounder of BlockWave

Pricing that pays for itself

Experience immediate results from day one. Whether you're a startup, agency, or enterprise, Our innovative subscription model accelerates your growth and pay for itself quicker.

Basic Plan
6999 NOK /biwk

Ideal for startups and new creators

  • Landing page Setup and Maintenance
  • Setup Newsletter Subscription
  • Manage 2 Social Media channels
  • 10 Cold Emails per Week
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • Monthly Updates Updates
  • Email and Phone Support
Starter Plan
14,999 NOK /biwk

Perfect for growing businesses and expanding startups

  • Advanced Web and Mobile App Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • 5 Blog Posts per 2 Weeks
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Business Plan
Custom Quote

Tailored solutions for established companies and scaling startups

  • Everything in Starter Plan
  • Enterprise-grade Solutions
  • Custom Integrations
  • Strategic Consulting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Tailored Development Projects
  • Comprehensive Lead Generation
  • 20 Cold Emails per Week
  • Daily Performance Reports

Innovation on Demand

Transform your boldest ideas into reality with our on-demand innovation. Whether you're envisioning a groundbreaking SaaS product, an AI-powered solution, or a custom business tool, let us execute it.

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Everything you need to know

Here are the most questions people always ask about.

  • How does KwikDevs' subscription model work?

    KwikDevs operates on a simple, all-inclusive monthly subscription model. You pay a fixed monthly fee that covers all development and digital marketing services. There are no hidden fees or surprise costs.

  • What types of projects does KwikDevs specialize in?

    KwikDevs specializes in various projects including custom SaaS solutions, AI applications, web and mobile app development, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to startups.

  • Can I pause my subscription with KwikDevs?

    Yes, you have the flexibility to pause your subscription during quieter periods and resume when you're ready to scale up again. There are no long-term commitments or contracts.

  • How quickly can KwikDevs deliver a functional prototype?

    KwikDevs can deliver a functional prototype of your product in just two weeks with our rapid prototype development process. This allows for quick validation and iteration based on early feedback.

  • What sets KwikDevs apart from traditional agencies?

    Unlike traditional consulting firms and agencies that may be rigid and costly, KwikDevs offers streamlined collaboration, transparent pricing, and agile project management focused on efficiency and affordability.

  • Does KwikDevs offer equity partnership opportunities?

    Yes, KwikDevs offers an equity partnership option to align our success with yours. This partnership model fosters mutual long-term growth and commitment to your project's success.